Commonism is the official ideology of the ICLN and was first conceived by Ilyich, the current Co-Chairman of the Congress of Workers of the ICLN. Commonism dictates for there to be a "common rule" of the alliance, which means for a universal legislature to be established. This legislature, which will comprise of every member of the alliance, will be the supreme authority in the alliance. Commonism also states that authoritarian positions of power should be severely limited on their abilities over the alliance and how it is run. Such limited powers include to abolish veto powers, and control over other parts of the alliance (such as ministries).

The ideals of Commonism was published by Ilyich in the Commonist Manifesto


What inspired Ilyich to develop Commonism came from an earlier essay on the Allied Socialist Nations, titled Fascism Under the Red Banner, and its leader Demokratikos. This was also the inspiration for the creation of the International Coalition of Leftist Nations, to create a true Communist alliance and establish itself as the vangaurd party of Uranme and the main competitor to the ASN.